If I was Bernie

Twitter is an excellent tool, but we will all agree that at times it can be a bit of “an idiots mouthpiece”.

Having been on twitter for a few years, I’ve been lucky to have spoken with some really knowledgeable people about F1 (both fans and those working/have worked in the sport).

And there came the idea behind the blog – “What if I was Bernie”…. now I know Bernie is theoretically not around anymore. I will believe that when I see it 🙂

This blog started in 2014 and then had a period of inactivity. The dustcovers are now off, and I will be making every effort to write something in 2017.

As always the most exciting part of this blog will not be me – but the folks I persuade to write the odd article here and there.

If you’re interested in contributing do get in touch. Either contact me on twitter or email via ifiwasbernieF1@gmail.com

Your suggestions can be related to anything – fan relations, rule changes, qualifying format, financial FairPlay.

Who knows, we might just come up with something…. #f1



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