A mission statement (of sorts)

I’ve been thinking about creating a blog on F1 for quite some time.

Having connected with a lot of likeminded people on twitter, I’ve realised that its not just me that feels as I do about F1.

F1 is the sport I love, and no other sport is quite as complex or as multifaceted. For instance a top driver with a less than top line car will not win most WDCs. But I believe a genius like Adrian newey should be celebrated, not called boring.

Having watched it since I was a kid, I’d like to think I’ve developed a balanced view of F1, and part of the sentiment of the blog is to comment upon topics as diverse as tyres, fanboys, commercial rights and so on.

If you’re looking for biased driver commentary or team you’ll not find it here.

From time to time I may ask others I know (within the sport and likeminded fans) to write blog entries (or help me with content/topics).

So please feel free to comment, but any abusive stuff will be deleted. As my dear dad says, “opinions son, are like ars£holes. Everyone has one”


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