Is hell about to freeze over – Alonso – McLarens marmite man?

You’ve heard the phrase – he’s like marmite – you either love him or hate him right?

Well if Autosports sources are correct (and they rarely aren’t), hell has frozen over – Fernando is coming back to Woking. The McLaren fans version of marmite.

Interestingly as many of my fellow Mclaren fans are disgusted at the news as there are those of us who think it’s positive.

This is a key piece of Honda and McLaren “throwing the kitchen sink at it”. Big technical signings, another top driver, it’s a big statement of intent.

It’s with that thought that I’d also expect McLaren to re-sign Jenson to partner. I am a big fan of Kevin Magnussen, but you can’t underestimate how much points plays into a serious constructors bid.

I joking tweeted in 2011 the following picture taken at Mercedes Benz World in Brooklands with the caption “a meeting of the Fernando Alonso mclaren fanclub meeting).

2011 Brooklands meeting of the McLaren Alonso fanclub
I’d heard in early October about the possibility of an Alonso deal and couldn’t quite believe it. But I’ve got to say he’s a great driver and we need a huge push to get the team back where it belongs.

It will be interesting to follow over the next week or so whether this does play out or not.

It certainly provides an interesting side story to the big WDC battle between Rosberg and Hamilton. Possibly the best battle we have seen for many years.

Imagine a McLaren “prodromou” B spec car getting in the middle of the title battle in Abu Dhabi!

McLaren are back, you just don’t know it yet 😉


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