Do we really need another bloody gimic in F1?


I’ve not written on the blog for a while, mainly because I lost my blog password, but felt compelled to write again.

I’ve watched all of the criticism of the new Turbo V6 engines (I refuse to call them a power plant) in terms of the pitch, the volume etc

“It’s not F1 etc etc without screaming V10s”

Now, I have to say as a spectator I’m with Darren Heath on this. I love the new noise, it’s raspier and actually after a day at the track it’s a better experience than having a piercing headache.

Now I read that merc are looking at a revised exhaust (pictured below) to up the sound level.

When did F1 become so flappy in the wind? How about saying, yes this is the new Tech relevant series and if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

I’d like to see F1 get back to racing. Which incidentally is the real bonus of this year. There has been some great battling between the merc boys at the front, then further down the field.

Whatever next? The vuvuzela exhaust when the trombone exhaust isn’t loud enough. Or drivers busting through paper hoops or out of birthday cakes?