2014 F1 Predictions – Mikey Harvey


Well I have well and truly broken the Nico clean sweep on the WDC prediction with my ridiculous bias towards Jenson Button.

I feel there is long tech race to go, and McLaren have a solid car to develop unlike the nightmare ride on the Front suspension last year.

Next up on the 2014 predictions is Mikey Harvey, top twitterite and former editor of Top Gear and Autocar mags. Currently also contributes to Telegraph Luxury.

Mikeys profile on Twitter states he is a Maturing Neophile, which having checked with the relevant authorities is not a reportable offence 😉

We all talk about the great additional layer the DMs bring into the Twitter tool, and Mikey sent me the best message I have ever received on Twitter.

It was basically an “oh yes, did I mention that…..” which is generally followed by a comment of no real interest. Only what followed was epic – and I don’t use that word lightly!

I would never tell the story, but I still chuckle about it more than a month later.

Anyway, onto Mikeys predictions

Drivers Champ – Nico Rosberg
Constructors – Mercedes
Surprise – Sergio Perez
Dissapoint – Daniel Ricciardo

Interestingly despite pretty much everyone acknowledging Lewis as a fast driver, Nico Rosberg really has impressed a lot of people over the last couple of years.


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