2014 Predictions – Geoff Collins


Pic credit: LAT/Marussia

Next up in the predictions hotseat is none other than Geoff Collins (@geoffcollinsF1)

Many of you will know of Geoff because of his involvement with Marussia (and it’s previous incarnation Virgin), handling their social media during their early days in F1.

He’s currently also working on some really interesting stuff, including researching F1s lost tracks (you can follow that on Badger GP) and producing a movie – http://www.murkwoodfilm.com/index.en.php

I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff at Jerez and I know that he’s a great advocate of fan interaction in the sport – something many F1 teams fail to capitalise upon (unless you join the membership scheme guvnor).

We took a trip down to the end of the Pitlane exit where I nearly got my haircut by Kevin Magnussen in the MP4-29 before wandering through the paddock. There was an added element of fun to that trip which I won’t share here but all good fun. Very checkpoint Charlie….

Anyway, onto Geoffs predictions !!!

Drivers champion – Nico Rosberg
Constructors champion – Mercedes Surprise (rather unsurprisingly 🙂 – Marussia to get points before caterham.
Dissapointment – Maldonado or Sutil

Three sets of predictions in and it’s a clean sweep so far for Nico Rosberg and Mercedes.


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