2014 Predictions – Alexander Sims


In the second blog entry we’ve called upon Alexander Sims, resident racing driver on the If I Was Bernie team.

Those of you that follow F1 will doubtless of seen Simsy in GP3 last year subbing for Status GP driver Adderley Fong and doing brilliantly well before driving for Carlin as well.

Alex has been pursuing a career in GTs and for 2014 has signed for BMW. You’ll be able to read more about that during the season on the blog.

We look forward to watching his progress with a great deal of anticipation. And the imminent arrival of our BMW staff car (I think that’s what he said)….

Onto Sims predictions then…..

World Drivers Champion – Nico Rosberg
Constructors champion – Mercedes
Surprise – Dany Kvyat
Dissapointment – Sergio Perez

Alex is expecting a Mercedes led charge and interestingly has picked Nico Rosberg over his much hyped teammate on the basis of him possibly being less aggressive with the car and not far away in terms of ultimate pace.

So far, two predictions down and both going for a Nico and Mercedes double.

Add your own predictions and I’ll keep a track of then for later in the season.


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