2014 F1 Predictions – Mark Gallagher

This is the first in a series running all the way up to the first grand prix of the 2014 season.

With the leadup to the season bringing more unknowns than we’ve seen for many years, I thought it might be good fun to ask some of my twitter buddies in and around top level Motorsport on their predictions for the 2014 season.

I will collate all of the predictions, and the overall winner will buy the rest of us all dinner. Joking.

As well as the usual predictions on WDC and WCC, I’m also interested in peoples views prior to the season start on who they think will surprise and disappoint in the season.

So broadly the categories are as follows
* Drivers Champion
* Constructors champion
* surprise of the season
* disappointment of the season – who promises to but does not deliver.

I’m included each contributors twitter username just in case you’ve not come across them already.

Mark Gallagher

First up is Mark Gallagher, formerly of Jordan, RBR and head of Cosworths engine division on their return to F1 with the three new teams – twitter tag is @_markgallagher.

Having spent a long career in and around top level motorsport – from journalism, to sponsor relations, to executive positions. He’s a good place to start if you want to get a balanced view on the issues of the day.

And to top that off you’d be hard pushed to find a more engaging person to have a coffee with and shoot the breeze. Top bloke…

Now we’ve all seen how impressive the Mercedes power unit has been, so it comes as no surprise to see Marks predictions consider that positive start.

* Drivers Champion – Nico Rosberg
* Constructors champion – Mercedes
* Surprise – Bottas/Williams
* Disappointment – Kimi/Ferrari

Feel free to add your thoughts and comments as we go along. Many more views to come over the coming days.

Who would you have picked?


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