Williams Martini Racing – daring to dream of wins?


Like many F1 fans who grew up watching Williams dominating F1 it’s been a long long dry period.

False dawn after false dawn we’ve seen.

It is a long time since Williams have put so many pieces of the Jigsaw together.

Best Livery in F1? Martini another piece of the jigsaw towards the big comeback many have hoped for? The Martini brand has used Motorsport sponsorship very effectively over the years, and it’s brilliant to see F1 finally get a big “new” sponsor back to the table.

Valtteri Bottas is a very very big talent, and in the same way as his countrymen who’ve gone before him, as cool as you like.

Felipe Massa looks like the change of scenery has given him his drive back. Let’s not forget that he really should have won the wdc in 2008 but for the last lap in Brazil.

Mercedes Power – those chaps and ladies at HPE seem to have done it again. Looks the class of the field at the moment. Let’s see how fuel consumption turns out in race trim.

Rob Smedley – fantastic signing for Williams and he’s a top operator. When he’s not trying to strangle Felipe.

And the icing on the cake is the huge tech signing of Pat Symonds as Chief Technical officer. This guy knows how to get everyone pointing in the right direction. Very process driven hd will help the team get the most out of the undoubted talent in the aero section.

We’ve seen optimism before, but I’m pretty confident this is the start of something positive for Sir Franks team. It’s too long since Williams battled at the front.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Williams winning one of the first 5 races, and I won’t be the only long term fan celebrating with them if they do……


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