Happy new year – don’t take life too seriously


Forgive me for a non F1 post, but it was with great sadness I heard about the passing of comedy genius John Fortune (of Bremner Bird and Fortune fame).

As always in the new media world we live in, the first thing I did was look up YouTube clips to remind myself just what a funny change was.

Whilst looking through clips of his excellent double act with John Bird came across a relatively recent clip on Social Media.

Bird & Fortune – New media, internet, blogs and Fame

For those of us who use twitter extensively we will have come across the odd (dare I say) blinkered single minded people who are unable to take alternative views into account. Or are unable to see past the end of their nose, or that of their driver or team.

The entire point of the medium is that it is driven by the principle of free speech. If you don’t like what is said, just unfollow. Don’t rant about it, just smile and move on.

People with different opinions have not automatically entitled themselves to volley of verbal abuse (as I regularly see targeted at people on twitter)

Indeed what has been good to see is the well wishes from all of the F1 community towards Michael Schumacher.

We’ve collectively got the point that whether you like his tactics or driving history, or the team he drove for, he is first and foremost a family man, and one for whom we all wish a full recovery to happen.

There are slight signs of encouraging news for Michael and we can only hope his progress is steady and continual. Good luck big fella.

So I’m wishing everyone the very best in 2014, in particular to all F1 fans, team members and press folk we know.

For F1 in particular, it promises to be as uncertain a start as for some time.


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