Maldonado signs at Lotus – a good deal all round

Pastor Maldonado’s actions recently in accusing his mechanics of tampering with his car won him no friends amongst F1 fans. And the fact that he is very well backed by his states oil company has made him somewhat of a hate figure under the banner of “pay driver”

As a huge Hulkenberg fan, I’d like nothing more to see him in a top car, however many fans seem to be completely missing the financial considerations at play here.

The boys and girls down at Enstone are a fantastically committed and experienced bunch. Yet like many teams of late in F1, financing and sponsorship has been largely difficult to come by. It’s with that in mind that I fully understand why this deal is attractive.

Maldonado is a quick driver, who has been erratic this year. He is, however, very capable of putting a good season together in a solid car. And with a good financial deal now in place, the stability of the team is surely now confirmed.

So that’s why I’m tipping him to do well at Lotus next year, despite his detractors. Much like the bandwagon many jumped on last year with Romain Grosjean, I suspect in time he will come good.

If anything the deal confirms what many of us have thought for some time. The F1 business model needs a fundamental shakeup………



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