Don’t worry mate – you definitely made your Mark.

When Mark Webber signs off from F1 tomorrow, we will lose one of the great current personalities in F1.

A straight-talking, honest driver, less interested in saying what is expected and more interested in playing a straight bat – must be a PR nightmare at times.

I was gutted in 2010 when Mark very nearly achieved his dream, only to go off at the Korean Gp when it all looked so promising.

There will be much written about Mark over the next few days, but whilst reading James Allen’s blog (James Allen on F1) perhaps just what a loss he will be to the sport becomes apparent.

It wasn’t in James’ summary of Mark that the qualities shone through. It was in the comments section at the bottom – this sums up the type of guy I’ve imagined Mark to be – the only F1 driver most of us would enjoy going for a beer with.


You see you can have your team writing the stuff for you, or sending a generic signed picture out, but you can’t buy class like that.

So Mark, I’ll be rooting for you tomorrow mate. Best of luck with Porsche. They’ll be getting a great driver.

And if you ever fancy that beer….



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