Winter Testing – F1s best kept secret

It’s been confirmed now that rather than testing at Circuit de Catalunya for 2014 the teams will jet off to Bahrain first the first and the final 2014 tests.

Now I’m sure the teams are happy to get a guarantee of 2 full tests with a guarantee of good weather for ’14 F1 testing, but there is another factor (often ignored) at play.

You see F1 testing offers the average fan by far the best opportunity to get closer to the action. Having been at the final Catalunya test this year, a Grand Prix weekend can’t compare (unless you’ve paid for hospitality/paddock club).

And in that respect it is F1s best kept secret…. which makes it such a huge shame for fans that they’ve moved it to a location that frankly it’s residents have slightly more to worry about.

I remember Peter Windsor commenting some time ago that F1 was missing a trick by not making more of F1 testing, and my experience was exactly the same.

Whilst twitter and other social media platforms are a great way of sharing information, F1 needs to focus on face to face interaction with fans.

Would be interested in others experiences and opinions….


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